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Letter to the Editor

So far I have just been posting letter’s that I wrote to magazines- gaming magazines of course. You finish a game, you think its great, you want to say why, and see what other people’s opinion’s are of that game. Put your opinion on paper, reveal it to the gaming community, and spark some discussion. It’s great, and people love it. Now I can write a letter and just post it here instantly, I really look forward to progressing this blog, and reading other’s for help and tips. 🙂


Far Cry 3- An old letter that got into GameInformer.

farcry3.knifeFar Cry 3’s Insane Magic.

After hearing the dates for the Next Generation console releases, my initial reaction was of excitement, but then I realised I had not taken advantage of the current systems. There were so many award winning, fantastic games that I had not even played yet, especially on the offline campaign scene.

I had been looking forward to playing Far Cry 3 for a while, its setting looked great, on a beautiful tropical island, and the open world concept made it even more enticing. It did not fail on delivery and the graphics and visuals were stunning. It was a real delight exploring the map, and I would  get caught up in that alone for hours.

The gameplay was standalone fantastic, and the story was represented at the same grand quality. The game was played from a first person view the whole time, even in the cut-scenes. This encouraged me to feel more like I was actually Jason Brody, and really engrossed me into the narrative.

The story told throughout Far Cry 3 was dynamic, engaging and always had me curious as to what would happen next. There were many twists which made the game unpredictable, it was a genuine emotional rollercoaster. I especially enjoyed the hallucination scenes after being poisoned or indulging in a mushroom, and the lack of hand-holding while tripping really was confusing, which is accurate to the experience, I would say.

“Do you know what the definition of insanity is?”

This game was so good that after I showed it to a few of my friends, a couple of them went out and bought it the next day (and finished it before me) so we could talk about the story and the characters. Ubisoft you have outdone yourself! Kudos to Ubisoft Montreal, I look forward to more games from them with the same formula. The game was so engaging and the narrative so rich and well delivered that I genuinely let it affect my final decision. Which I will not state how I emotionally coped with my decision as it may be a spoiler.