NBA 2K18 – Play the Playoffs.

{Please note: this column was originally published on 8 June 2018 in the Centralian Advocate} 

Advocate Column – NBA 2K18 – Matt Davies 8 June 2018 (2)

Please NOTE: this column was originally published in The Advocate on 8 June 2018 ahead of the 2018 NBA Playoffs. 

With the NBA Finals upon us, it provides us with a good opportunity to highlight one of the strongest NBA video-game series ever to grace our consoles. Not only is this a stellar basketball game, it also includes many historic and legendary playoff teams – like we currently have with the all-mighty Golden State Warriors, respect not love.

The NBA 2K series is a long established franchise, released annually which is common for the sports genre. The game improves majority of its features every year with little exception. The most recent instalment, NBA 2K18 continues the series’ excellence and presents us all with a rich and deep NBA experience that is hard to match.

It’s quite timely to write about this game while the NBA Playoff Finals are underway; one of the best aspects of the NBA 2K18 is the range of historic and legendary Playoff teams available for gamers. It’s also important to note that all of the current teams are available as well of course. The Developers support this game with regular updates to the current team rosters with trades and injuries.

NBA 2K18 has all of the modes of the previous entries in the series as well, from My-CAREER, My-League, My-GM to My-Park. But it’s the My-League mode that can provide the ultimate NBA Fantasy.

The most engaging way to enjoy these historic teams is through the previously mentioned illustrious My-League mode – which has improved features and additions. In My-League (my personal favourite mode) the most interesting aspect is you can build a league that includes NBA teams from any era – provided they are available in the game.

Players don’t have to participate in a full-regular season either; you can create your own Playoff Bracket from scratch. You could put Michael Jordan’s 95’-96’ Bulls with a Season Record 72-10, in the same playoff bracket as the 2001 Showtime Lakers who only lost 1 game in their playoff campaign. This is incredibly fun and entertaining while the real-life playoffs are occurring.

The series already had a large amount of historic teams and players to choose from and it has grown even larger with this iteration. This is emphasised with a stack of famous 2000’s teams added to the game including; the 2011 Championship Dallas Mavericks, 2012 Oklahoma City finalists team, the 2013 Miami Heat with the ‘Big Three’ and the 2016 Golden State Warrior’s with their Season Record 73-9 are also playable, just to name a couple of more recent teams.

I consider myself a serious NBA fan, I can name every NBA Champion and the opponent since the year I was born (I’ll welcome any challenge at the pub if you don’t believe it). NBA 2K18 provides the fantasy of ultimate NBA teams competing and satisfies NBA fandom with a high degree of quality.

If you want the ultimate NBA experience, play 2K18. If you want the ultimate NBA Playoff experience, play 2K18.


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