Overcooked – prepare for the sequel.

{Please Note this column was originally published early August 2018 ahead of Overcooked 2’s release} 

Advocate Column – Overcooked Review

With Overcooked 2 around the corner, please read my thoughts on the first game!

Overcooked is an arcade fun experience all about cooking in challenging kitchens with friends! The game is full of tricky twists and turns that keeps the fun fresh (but not so much the produce). As you might imagine you take on the role of a chef in a variety of kitchens, you need to chop ingredients, cook and serve while following a recipe and avoiding obstacles.

Overcooked was first released on 3 August 2016 on PS4, Xbox One and Windows and 27 July 2017 for Nintendo Switch. And more than 2 years after its original release Overcooked 2 will be coming out on 7 August this year!

In Overcooked players receive a score based on their performance during the timed cooking challenge – try and imagine a restaurant at its busiest point and the mayhem that would unfold in the kitchen. If you’re making a burger and you forget the lettuce you will be penalised, creating a soup that is missing potato – blasphemy! Players will want to create as many dishes as possible as quickly as possible to keep up with the orders and if you miss one, another penalty will occur.

Overcooked Gameplay

As a master chef in Overcooked you need to make the perfect dishes and a lot of that relies on juggling tasks that take different amounts of time. If you need to make a soup with potato and pumpkin, you’ll have to chop both of the ingredients and start to cook them at the same time on the stove, but to be efficient you might want to prepare more ingredients while the soup is cooking – watch out though, if food burns it could start a fire and burn the whole kitchen!

Overcooked is a game that is best enjoyed with other people; the gameplay elements have been cleverly crafted to incorporate cooperation between players. Players won’t be facing the cooking challenges in regular kitchens either, the types of places you will have to manage a kitchen are wild and often very unusual, including an freezing cold sailing ship which caused players to slip and slide.

The map variety is one of the strongest parts of Overcooked, as mentioned before you will be cooking on sailing ships; some ships aren’t frozen but rock side to side with the ocean which causes the kitchen benches you prepare food to slide around unstably. Another map will have you cooking on the back of two trucks driving directly alongside each other down the highway – occasionally the trucks have to split to avoid traffic, splitting the kitchen up. There are also a variety of hazards that add to the challenges, including rats that steal ingredients or a conveyer belt that moves produce around the kitchen.

Overcooked is a truly fun game, it’s an arcade experience that focuses on funny, exciting, sometimes thrilling moments and it really pays off. Get 4 friends together with 4 controllers and you have a good time sorted.


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