Have you got a Minit? Pixilated fun.

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Centralian Advocate – Minit Pixilated Fun

Minit is a smaller game, it’s an Indie (independently developed game) made by a small team. Minit has all the hallmarks of an indie title, a small development team, retro & pixilated presentation, a ton of charm and a clever gameplay twist or mechanic.

The visuals are quite charming, which appears especially retro in terms of simplicity and graphics; however, this was a very deliberate stylistic choice. All the dialogue in the game is text based as well.

Minit - GP Start Area

The beginning area; the whole game is presented this way

In Minit you play as an adventurer who finds a Mysterious Sword on the beach, when the protagonist you play as picks up the Sword a curse is bound to our pixilated hero. The curse causes the protagonist to perish after 60 seconds. This sets up an incredibly interesting and unique gameplay mechanic, players must complete objectives within those sixty seconds when they start a gameplay loop. Some items throughout the game are permanent though, which gives the sense of progression – those items are highly important to finishing the game.

The concept of dying every minute might sound a little restrictive; however, the developer has cleverly crafted the objectives and challenges around this. For example players might be simply tasked with a fetch quest – retrieving an item for another character in the game. In conventional game’s players would simply need to locate the item and then return it to the quest giver – however in Minit you might not be able to get the item from its position to the quest giver in 60 seconds. This means players will have to find alternative methods to achieve this result, like finding faster ways to traverse with a shortcut or faster traversal methods – like speedier shoes.

Minit - GP Shrub Chop

The Cursed Sword in Action, players use the Sword to overcome challenges, among other permanent items

The game is cleverly designed with fun interactions, like a turtle that talks so slowly, seemingly that wouldn’t be a big problem, but in Minit this impedes progress in an interesting way. There are also things like mazes and other puzzles that emphasise the time-constraints of this game.

Minit draws inspiration from a few games and genres, the most notable being classic, 2d Zelda games. With an isometric view, (birds eye view on an angle) which is the same as the 2d Zelda games, the presentation really captures an older adventure-game vibe. The game only has two palettes (or colours), black and white – this emphasises the older feel to it.

Minit - GP Crab Chop

The hero must avoid enemies such as Crabs and Bone Throwers, which sounds sexual but I can assure you they aren’t supposed to be…

Readers might have noticed, I haven’t applied a label of sorts to the character you play as, simply referring to the protagonist as “adventurer” or “hero”. I think the protagonist might be a duck… it seems to have a duckbill, that’s what it looks like to me at least. There are other anamorphic creatures in the world, so that supports my theory somewhat.

Minit - GP w Dialogue

Sound advice from the talking, err, whatchamacallit, (nah, I think it’s actually an Insect though really)

Minit’s unique qualities have to be highlighted – the game is special. The premise alone is very wacky, with a curse that kills after 60 seconds – what could you accomplish. Well it seems a lot – the game took me around two and a half hours to beat, the challenges were plentiful and every minute of my time was enjoyable.

Are you interested in Minit? If you have any questions or would like to discuss the game continue the conversation with Matt on Twitter @BakedRyce or email BakedRyce@outlook.com.au


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