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Have you got a Minit? Pixilated fun.

If you’re interested you can find a link to a PDF copy of the column below 🙂

Centralian Advocate – Minit Pixilated Fun

Minit is a smaller game, it’s an Indie (independently developed game) made by a small team. Minit has all the hallmarks of an indie title, a small development team, retro & pixilated presentation, a ton of charm and a clever gameplay twist or mechanic.

The visuals are quite charming, which appears especially retro in terms of simplicity and graphics; however, this was a very deliberate stylistic choice. All the dialogue in the game is text based as well.

Minit - GP Start Area

The beginning area; the whole game is presented this way

In Minit you play as an adventurer who finds a Mysterious Sword on the beach, when the protagonist you play as picks up the Sword a curse is bound to our pixilated hero. The curse causes the protagonist to perish after 60 seconds. This sets up an incredibly interesting and unique gameplay mechanic, players must complete objectives within those sixty seconds when they start a gameplay loop. Some items throughout the game are permanent though, which gives the sense of progression – those items are highly important to finishing the game.

The concept of dying every minute might sound a little restrictive; however, the developer has cleverly crafted the objectives and challenges around this. For example players might be simply tasked with a fetch quest – retrieving an item for another character in the game. In conventional game’s players would simply need to locate the item and then return it to the quest giver – however in Minit you might not be able to get the item from its position to the quest giver in 60 seconds. This means players will have to find alternative methods to achieve this result, like finding faster ways to traverse with a shortcut or faster traversal methods – like speedier shoes.

Minit - GP Shrub Chop

The Cursed Sword in Action, players use the Sword to overcome challenges, among other permanent items

The game is cleverly designed with fun interactions, like a turtle that talks so slowly, seemingly that wouldn’t be a big problem, but in Minit this impedes progress in an interesting way. There are also things like mazes and other puzzles that emphasise the time-constraints of this game.

Minit draws inspiration from a few games and genres, the most notable being classic, 2d Zelda games. With an isometric view, (birds eye view on an angle) which is the same as the 2d Zelda games, the presentation really captures an older adventure-game vibe. The game only has two palettes (or colours), black and white – this emphasises the older feel to it.

Minit - GP Crab Chop

The hero must avoid enemies such as Crabs and Bone Throwers, which sounds sexual but I can assure you they aren’t supposed to be…

Readers might have noticed, I haven’t applied a label of sorts to the character you play as, simply referring to the protagonist as “adventurer” or “hero”. I think the protagonist might be a duck… it seems to have a duckbill, that’s what it looks like to me at least. There are other anamorphic creatures in the world, so that supports my theory somewhat.

Minit - GP w Dialogue

Sound advice from the talking, err, whatchamacallit, (nah, I think it’s actually an Insect though really)

Minit’s unique qualities have to be highlighted – the game is special. The premise alone is very wacky, with a curse that kills after 60 seconds – what could you accomplish. Well it seems a lot – the game took me around two and a half hours to beat, the challenges were plentiful and every minute of my time was enjoyable.

Are you interested in Minit? If you have any questions or would like to discuss the game continue the conversation with Matt on Twitter @BakedRyce or email


Horizon Zero Dawn Column

Strong Female Leads are on the Horizon

Centralian Advocate – Horizon ZD insights MD

Horizon Zero Dawn was the best game of 2017 in my opinion. The game was so amazing I completed 100% of the game, and that can take a lot of effort, which says a lot about a game usually. Horizon is an Action RPG with major emphasis on action – the gameplay makes players feel fast, powerful and skilful. The setting is unique and littered with all different types of hostile mechanical beasts. The main character, Aloy, must battle these weaponised robot monstrosities in a post-apocalyptic open world as she unravels mysteries, including the protagonist’s heritage and the current state of the world.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set in a beautiful-yet-dangerous world that robotic creatures roam openly and many of these larger than life creatures resemble dinosaurs. The set-up is an enticing concept and the developer made a huge effort at presenting a realistic and immersive setting for players. At the beginning of the game players find out the timeline is set in the 31st Century. However after a major catastrophe hit the world, important parts of it’s technology and infrastructure were lost. This causes the world to be to cast back to primitive times, denizens are living in villages, hunting and gathering in this world littered with ravaging robotic beasts.

Now with all that being said, I still couldn’t blame anyone for thinking Horizon Zero Dawn’s idea was designed by a 10 year old boy; “And there were robot dinosaurs, and then they have guns and shoot lasers, and then you have to fight them with a bow and arrow.” Absolutely genius.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s gameplay stands out; the action is especially enjoyable thanks to a wonderful combat system. Aloy is equipped with a bow that has a vast array of different types of arrows that help in many situations. From heavy and light arrows to elemental ammo that do different types of damage like electricity and fire. Aloy has a spear she uses for melee attacks providing even more combat options. Players also unlock different types of traps and tripwires that assist fights and can turn the battle in your favour.

To defeat enemies players are able to target vulnerable areas on their body; one mechanical beast might have a blaster attached to their back that shoots projectiles, if players target that component, they can remove it eventually. On top of that, some of the parts that are detached from robots beasts are used by Aloy, against them, essentially turning their own weapons against the machines.

The variety of enemies is diverse and awesome, there are many and they are damn cool looking, I mean they are robot prehistoric beasts after all. From smaller robots that resemble Deer or Moose to larger robots that look like a T-Rex. Including a four-legged monster that represents a Sabretooth Tiger and another creature that’s very similar except it has a huge cannon on its back that can shoot players. Another beast that genuinely had me in awe was the Stormbird, a bird of prey the size of a building – it’s a really great combat encounter as well.

The crafting system plays a large part in Horizon as well; players must collect different resources throughout the game to craft certain equipment, like pouches, a variety of ammo, potions and quivers. These can be crafted from plants littered throughout the environment or components removed from mechanical beasts. It add yet another layer to the game but especially the fantastic combat. As mentioned before, players can unlock and craft different types of gadgets to assist in any kind of encounter.

In one encounter I recall, Aloy had set an Electric Trip Wire and when a lumbering Sawtooth walked over towards the Trap the beast was electrocuted and fell down briefly. This allowed Aloy to her trusty spear to attack the Sawtooth while it was in a downed state, which dealt a huge damage. These sort of encounters do a good job at demonstrating the vast amount of combat encounters, including stealth options.

The open world is especially well designed; there are many collectibles and challenge sort of tasks in the game and none of them felt too tedious and they provided opportunities for players to upgrade and craft even further.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a truly spectacular game that I cannot recommend any Playstation 4 owner to play highly enough.


Super Mario World – SNES Classic

Please note: I originally had this column published in my local newspaper, The Centralian Advocate, on the 18th of September 2018. 

Link to published column: Advocate Column – Super Mario World SNES Classic 180918

Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo (SNES) released on the 21st of November 1990 in Western Countries. Also you’re not confused, this is not an old copy of the Advocate – this is (relatively) modern news to talk about! The SNES Classic released on 30 September 2017 with Super Mario World fully playable, among a bunch of other all-time SNES Classics – this is largely why Super Mario World is back in the spotlight.

smw.gameplay.forrestI just hope you can forgive my image capture methods – there’s no ‘Share’ function on the SNES Classic like the PS4 🙂 

Super Mario World is a side-scrolling, 2D platformer (genre) and it still holds up as a great experience in 2018. Players need to overcome levels by moving from left to right through obstacle-laden stages full of different challenges. The gameplay mechanics still feel incredibly good, jumping is just right, the longer you hold the ‘A’ button the higher Mario goes, allowing for some precision platforming.
Players hold down the ‘B’ button to sprint or use power-ups, which gives the game a burst of speed – sprinting through levels is quick and the obstacles come at Mario very fast. It’s really satisfying to master the use of the speed button, it gives players the ability to set the pace of the game and it feels great to use speed to gain momentum and clear a group of enemies. Map View – Forest of Illusion 

To defeat enemy’s players must jump on their head or use an ability, like shooting fireballs that bounce across the path. The combat – I don’t know if anyone can call it that – is essentially platforming as well, sometimes players will need to bounce across multiple enemy heads to continue, which can be quite challenging as you might imagine. In some scenarios, the only way to cross a gap is jumping on enemies heads.

SMW.gameplay.secret.key.2There are a many secrets in Super Mario World, encouraging replay-ability which was very innovative at the time. 

Super Mario World has 7 ‘Worlds’ which essentially are chapters in the game – and each World has 4 – 8 levels to complete. Each World provides a different aesthetic, which is visually pleasing. The diversity of visuals and colours is fantastic, from sandy island shores to dark and shimmering caves; it’s beautifully presented through the SNES’s 32bit graphics. It really is amazing how vibrant the game is – Super Mario World was made over 25 years ago and still has a vast array of colours and textures.

Late game spoilers – for a 28 year old game. Bowser is the final boss….

Not only are there many levels – 96 altogether – there are many hidden levels as well. Super Mario World provides more content in a clever way using the secret these levels, not all secrets are available until you have certain items, giving players reasons to explore further and replay levels. A secret path could be hidden in a green pipe that you didn’t know was accessible or behind a door that is locked by a key players need to open – you’ll find yourself pressing down whenever you find pipes, it’s quite funny really. The power-ups also provide opportunities to seek alternative paths, the Cape Power-Up allows Mario to glide and the Squirrel Tail Power-Up can attack enemies and obstacles. And the Power-Ups are a lot of fun – when you gain enough speed with some you can potentially fly across most of the level watching you enemies wiz by below.

SNES Classic Console comparisonA little look at the SNES Classic for comparison, next to the Dual Shock 4. 

Super Mario World has been immensely popular ever since it released in the 90’s, it sold 20.61 Million copies worldwide, which is the highest selling SNES game ever. Not many people remember this either – Super Mario World was a launch title for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, some argue it’s the best launch title ever alongside it’s cousin Super Mario 64. It truly is a special game.

Fortnite. Epic Games, worthy title.

Please Note: this column was originally published in the Centralian Advocate on 11 September 2018. 

Advocate Column – Fortnite’s Popularity PDF

Fortnite and its Battle Royale mode could easily be considered a phenomenon, its popularity was almost unprecedented and the growing game set all kinds of sales and player-count records, this is known as amount of ‘concurrent’ players.

At Fortnite’s highest peak of popularity in the West, the game had a whopping 3.4 Million players at playing one time. For a comparison, the next highest concurrent shooter was PUBG on 3.2 Million players, FIFA 18 had 1.6 Million at it’s peak and Destiny 2 set a record at 1.2 Million concurrent players.

It is pretty clear that Fortnite has boomed into popularity around the world. In the month of May alone the game generated $318 million (May was the most recent official calculations). In February, March and April, Fortnite generated $126 million, $223 million and $296 million respectively. It’s growing! At the time of writing, the company that make the game, Epic Games is valued at $14 billion. Wrap you head around that!

Fortnite was released as an Early Access title in July of 2017 – at that time only the ‘Save the World’ mode was available, which is a Tower-Defence type of game with crafting and building. The thing that launched Fortnite into polarising popularity was the juggernaut ‘Battle Royale’ mode, which came a bit later in September 2017.

The Battle Royale mode is a fairly straightforward premise with a lot of promise and potential; 100 players will parachute onto an island and fight the other 99 opponents until there is only 1 survivor, the victor. Think the Hunger Games movies. During gameplay, players control their character from a third person perspective, which gives players a more open view of their surroundings – which is a great benefit when you need to look out for so many opponents! The shooting mechanics are fine, it’s not a realistic setting, so the guns don’t have a lot of detail and are fairly generic. Players fight each other with guns or melee weapons however; an integral part of the game is finding those different tiers of weapons and armour before engaging in battle. It adds an interesting risk & reward system where players need to assess whether they have good enough gear for encounters or whether they need to keep searching. Sometimes you don’t have a choice though – if you’ve come across an opponent in the same building, well only one player walks out alive.

For a game that is so popular, following the history of Fortnite can be tricky, a game that not only had an ‘early access’ option for gamers, it’s also actually packaged as two separate experiences. I’ll briefly try explain early access; which is a demo build of a game that developers will release ahead of the official release. There are numerous reasons developers open their game to ‘early access’, including testing online functionality and online servers, balancing the games systems and in this case, to allow the developers to release Fortnite as to separate experiences.

Why Fortnite is so successful comes down to a few reasons; firstly, it is a Free-To-Play game, gamers can download and start enjoying the game at no cost. Secondly, the ‘loot’ (or rewards) are purely cosmetic, meaning there is no performance advantage to rewards – just cool apparel and accessories, this keeps the game even and fair. Thirdly, the game has ‘seasons’ which run for 10 weeks at a time, and usually there are exclusive rewards tied directly to a season, which makes it special and unique. The rewards have different tiers and different types of challenges for different rewards, which is a huge motivation for players to continue to the chase each season.

Fortnite is well worth anyone’s time, it is hard to find reasons not to play; the game is free, it’s accessible without being too intrusive and all your friends are playing it. Fortnite is an enjoyable game with a rewarding gameplay loop that can keep you busy for a long time.

Overcooked – prepare for the sequel.

{Please Note this column was originally published early August 2018 ahead of Overcooked 2’s release} 

Advocate Column – Overcooked Review

With Overcooked 2 around the corner, please read my thoughts on the first game!

Overcooked is an arcade fun experience all about cooking in challenging kitchens with friends! The game is full of tricky twists and turns that keeps the fun fresh (but not so much the produce). As you might imagine you take on the role of a chef in a variety of kitchens, you need to chop ingredients, cook and serve while following a recipe and avoiding obstacles.

Overcooked was first released on 3 August 2016 on PS4, Xbox One and Windows and 27 July 2017 for Nintendo Switch. And more than 2 years after its original release Overcooked 2 will be coming out on 7 August this year!

In Overcooked players receive a score based on their performance during the timed cooking challenge – try and imagine a restaurant at its busiest point and the mayhem that would unfold in the kitchen. If you’re making a burger and you forget the lettuce you will be penalised, creating a soup that is missing potato – blasphemy! Players will want to create as many dishes as possible as quickly as possible to keep up with the orders and if you miss one, another penalty will occur.

Overcooked Gameplay

As a master chef in Overcooked you need to make the perfect dishes and a lot of that relies on juggling tasks that take different amounts of time. If you need to make a soup with potato and pumpkin, you’ll have to chop both of the ingredients and start to cook them at the same time on the stove, but to be efficient you might want to prepare more ingredients while the soup is cooking – watch out though, if food burns it could start a fire and burn the whole kitchen!

Overcooked is a game that is best enjoyed with other people; the gameplay elements have been cleverly crafted to incorporate cooperation between players. Players won’t be facing the cooking challenges in regular kitchens either, the types of places you will have to manage a kitchen are wild and often very unusual, including an freezing cold sailing ship which caused players to slip and slide.

The map variety is one of the strongest parts of Overcooked, as mentioned before you will be cooking on sailing ships; some ships aren’t frozen but rock side to side with the ocean which causes the kitchen benches you prepare food to slide around unstably. Another map will have you cooking on the back of two trucks driving directly alongside each other down the highway – occasionally the trucks have to split to avoid traffic, splitting the kitchen up. There are also a variety of hazards that add to the challenges, including rats that steal ingredients or a conveyer belt that moves produce around the kitchen.

Overcooked is a truly fun game, it’s an arcade experience that focuses on funny, exciting, sometimes thrilling moments and it really pays off. Get 4 friends together with 4 controllers and you have a good time sorted.

Firewatch Column – Centralian Advocate.

Advocate Column – Firewatch Opinion

{Please note this column was originally published on 10 August 2018 in the Centralian Advocate} 

Firewatch was released on the 9th of February 2016 to “generally favourable” review scores; it averaged at around 80% on Metacritic. You might be wondering what makes this game so special, it’s actually nothing specific that makes it special, rather the way it all comes together.

Firewatch is a game about an every-day guy who starts working as a Bush Ranger Fire Lookout in a National Park in Wyoming in America after he leaves his old life behind. It may sound like a mundane premise but the developers know how to make this setting very intriguing. The story is helped by stellar voice work delivering dialogue; Rich Sommers plays the protagonist, Henry, and Cissy Jones plays his colleague Delilah and both are fantastic actors. Although the two main characters only work together, they’re relationship plays out in interesting ways. Henry relies on Delilah for updates and reports to continue his work as a Bush Ranger Fire Lookout.

The tone is a little dark and mysterious, but it’s not horrific or terrifying; it has more of a Twin Peaks, spooky vibe to the game. Because it’s set in a National Park it feels incredibly isolated, Henry is almost alone and he doesn’t have experience in his new role. His only connections to other people, are visitors of the park and his trusty side-kick Delilah; she is incredibly important to the game and plays a mechanical part in the game by informing the player of objectives and her dialogue is largely narrative focussed.

Firewatch - Radio.Compass.Dialogue

Firewatch gets often gets Pigeon Holed as a ‘Walking Simulator’ type of game, or genre, which may sound a little negative. It can be a negatively used description, especially for games that are trying to be an Action Game, or an FPS (First Person Shooter). However that description is exactly what the developers, Campo Santo (Studio) was going for – a game that tells a story while walking around and exploring a world.
Campo Santo’s focus was on creating a palpable atmosphere which could draw emotions through its aesthetics, the art work and the broader atmosphere. It’s impressive the way that the developers encourage players to invest in the game and story; touches like lighting effects, the colour palette, the ambience, the sound effects, the (musical) score and the narrative all contribute to an immersive surrounding.

I thoroughly enjoyed Firewatch, I thought the game was thoughtfully crafted and came together really well. Start to finish players could complete the game in about 3 to 4 hours, some might see this as a negative aspect as well, however the length supports the tight experience in my opinion; the story doesn’t suffer from any filer or feel bloated. The developer’s attention to detail and their laser focus on a particular experience really made this a top-to-bottom, high quality experience.


Mass Effect Andromeda – A Galaxy far, far fresh.

{Please note: this column was originally published on 13 July 2018 in the Centralian Advocate} 

Advocate Column – Mass Effect Andromeda 13 July 2018

Mass Effect Andromeda was released on 21 March 2017, more than a year ago now, it’s a lot cheaper than it was at its initial release and that’s due to a couple of reasons, not all positive either.

The Mass Effect series is a juggernaut amongst the gaming industry – the fandom surrounding the franchise was huge and intense – the fans were rabid with in their passion for the series! The first 3 games, titled Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3 respectively, were not only a commercial success, but the games created a polarising community of Mass Effect super-fans. These fans would defend the series against any negativity in online comments threads and created large chat websites and forums to discuss important aspects with other super-fans.

It’s an understatement to say people loved the series, so you can imagine the fever pitch of excitement when Mass Effect Andromeda – the fourth game in the series – was announced and then eventually released in March 2017. That excitement turned quickly to anger as the Andromeda’s previews were trickling out and players were getting their hands on the game.

I played the game around the time of launch and really enjoyed my time with it. I actually found it strange that the general consensus was negative. The game was introduced as another part of the Mass Effect series, and it had an awesome premise – the player (and all of its crew, including multiple massive transport space ships) is trying to settle a new galaxy, damn cool. What it made me realise though, I think that expectations were heavily impacting Mass Effect Andromeda, those expectations skewed perception of the games quality.
Now don’t get me wrong, Andromeda wasn’t as enjoyable or strong as any of the first 3 Mass Effect games, sure, I conceit that. But it doesn’t mean that it was bad game at all.

Like I said, I enjoyed my time with the game; Bioware, the Developer of the series (including Andromeda) are really good at making quality RPGs (Role Playing Games) with epic and incredibly well told narratives. The developer also incorporates decision making and branching story paths into the game – and this is the part Bioware and Mass Effect fans adore. The decision making gives players a real ownership of the story and game that engages people for further immersion. Andromeda still has all of that, it’s just that it wasn’t as good as the first 3 Mass Effects.


What I will say is if you have none, or very little experience with the series, you can still enjoy Mass Effect Andromeda. It’s a great game, it has deep systems and is highly entertaining. The developers added features that weren’t present in the original 3 games as well, each planet you colonise, players can invest time completing side quests to build up and ultimately gain benefits from that colonised location. If you’re a die-hard fan, well you would have already made your mind up, if you’re interested though, I’d recommend picking up Andromeda.

The game is well over a year old, so you can very likely find cheap copies of it anywhere, and if you do see the game, it’s a worthy purchase now. It’s good for gamers to be aware of not only quality games, it’s great to be aware of games that are amazing and at an appealing price tag.



NBA 2K18 – Play the Playoffs.

{Please note: this column was originally published on 8 June 2018 in the Centralian Advocate} 

Advocate Column – NBA 2K18 – Matt Davies 8 June 2018 (2)

Please NOTE: this column was originally published in The Advocate on 8 June 2018 ahead of the 2018 NBA Playoffs. 

With the NBA Finals upon us, it provides us with a good opportunity to highlight one of the strongest NBA video-game series ever to grace our consoles. Not only is this a stellar basketball game, it also includes many historic and legendary playoff teams – like we currently have with the all-mighty Golden State Warriors, respect not love.

The NBA 2K series is a long established franchise, released annually which is common for the sports genre. The game improves majority of its features every year with little exception. The most recent instalment, NBA 2K18 continues the series’ excellence and presents us all with a rich and deep NBA experience that is hard to match.

It’s quite timely to write about this game while the NBA Playoff Finals are underway; one of the best aspects of the NBA 2K18 is the range of historic and legendary Playoff teams available for gamers. It’s also important to note that all of the current teams are available as well of course. The Developers support this game with regular updates to the current team rosters with trades and injuries.

NBA 2K18 has all of the modes of the previous entries in the series as well, from My-CAREER, My-League, My-GM to My-Park. But it’s the My-League mode that can provide the ultimate NBA Fantasy.

The most engaging way to enjoy these historic teams is through the previously mentioned illustrious My-League mode – which has improved features and additions. In My-League (my personal favourite mode) the most interesting aspect is you can build a league that includes NBA teams from any era – provided they are available in the game.

Players don’t have to participate in a full-regular season either; you can create your own Playoff Bracket from scratch. You could put Michael Jordan’s 95’-96’ Bulls with a Season Record 72-10, in the same playoff bracket as the 2001 Showtime Lakers who only lost 1 game in their playoff campaign. This is incredibly fun and entertaining while the real-life playoffs are occurring.

The series already had a large amount of historic teams and players to choose from and it has grown even larger with this iteration. This is emphasised with a stack of famous 2000’s teams added to the game including; the 2011 Championship Dallas Mavericks, 2012 Oklahoma City finalists team, the 2013 Miami Heat with the ‘Big Three’ and the 2016 Golden State Warrior’s with their Season Record 73-9 are also playable, just to name a couple of more recent teams.

I consider myself a serious NBA fan, I can name every NBA Champion and the opponent since the year I was born (I’ll welcome any challenge at the pub if you don’t believe it). NBA 2K18 provides the fantasy of ultimate NBA teams competing and satisfies NBA fandom with a high degree of quality.

If you want the ultimate NBA experience, play 2K18. If you want the ultimate NBA Playoff experience, play 2K18.

Celeste Insights (Video Game)

{Please note: this column was originally published on 25 May 2018 in the Centralian Advocate}

Advocate Column – Celeste Insights – Matt Davies 25 May 2018

Celeste is a game that at first glance looks older, purely in terms of its visual presentation; it was developed with an 8bit look. Don’t let the presentation fool you though, the game looks stunning! It’s been a popular trend among modern games these days – presenting a retro aesthetic in games of today.

Celeste is a 2D, arcade platform genre (game) – the gameplay is what makes this something that’s totally worth spending time with. Although 2D platform games have been around for a long time – everyone is familiar with Mario – this one brings a suite of new elements to it that helps stand out. The protagonist (Madeline) has a stamina bar to manage which enables her to grab onto walls with a button press (L1) and wall jump. When the player wall jumps the leap projects Madeline further than a standard jump.

Madeline also has the ability to dash in a direction – in mid-air you can only dash once; this is another cool gameplay element that really keeps the game fresh and interesting. The creators use the dash ability in intriguing ways as well – implementing green glowing balls of energy that recharges the dash.

There are 7 core chapters to the game, and each chapter brings a new and different gameplay hook to levels that provide good variety for the game overall. For example one level incorporates floating gold feathers that when Madeline touches them she is granted the ability to blast through the 2D space briefly in any direction and usually there are obstacles to avoid while using this blast ability.
When you include the dash and wall grab abilities – which can also evolve as the game continues – with things like the feathers and the green glowing balls of energy, the game can be very complex, varied and challenging.

There are also many unlockable levels and end-game content that provides players with dozens of hours more gameplay depending on how willing one might be on tackling the deeper challenges. It’s another thing that the developer deserves high praise for, the additional and unlockable content; the challenges not only provide more hours of time with the game but it also adds interesting twists and alternative paths throughout the game.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the level design, which is another element of the game that is truly stellar. I only mentioned a few of the things that alter gameplay and provide other avenues for level completion – but there are a many! Each level is cleverly designed and is engineered to seriously test the abilities and gameplay alterations a player can use to provide a rich and rewarding experience.

Celeste is a game that is charming, beautiful and provides pure fun. The writing in the game is clever and whimsical and is a worthy story to pursuit. Although the gameplay is where Celeste shines, all of the aspects of the game come together strongly to create an un-miss-able experience. Also it’s available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

Published Column: God of War PS4. Centralian Advocate

{Please note: this Column was originally published in the Centralian Advocate in May of 2018} 

Advocate Column – God of War Review (2)

God of War PS4
A truly awesome game that is epic in every sense of the word.

The latest instalment of the God of War series has updated the games presentation and overall tone compared to previous entries, which was highly bombastic and visceral. Players still control Kratos, a brutal Greek Spartan / God as one explores this new foreign Norse world. The tone is a lot more serious, intense and overall more mature, and Kratos’ son is along for the ride. Adding a father son relationship could have easily given the game a whimsical quality, I can tell you, it does not.

God of War PS4 visuals are incredibly gorgeous, the game strikes a unique balance of stunning scenery animated with such detail that it seems life-like and fantastical at the same time. The result is truly beautiful. The attention to detail is amazing; Kratos’ clothes are portrayed accurately, with cloth textures looking very accurate – which an especially impressive achievement for a game where you pick and choose attire, and therefore changing textures on the character model regularly.

The combat feels good; Kratos wields a new weapon – The Leviathan Axe which was crafted by Ancient Dwarves and magically returns to him after throwing it, like a boomerang or Thor’s Hammer. The axe feels very powerful and heavy as Kratos swings it at his foes. The early hours of combat feel a little repetitive but you soon unlock many abilities and weapon upgrades which opens up many offensive options. There is an added wrinkle to the combat of God of War with a meaningful upgrade system. You are now able to upgrade Kratos arsenal of weapons, skills and amour; which is especially great because it opens up the combat immensely and provides a great deal of options to engage in the action.

The story unfolds in a strongly and at a good pace, the heightened intensity raise the stakes a lot and I was immersed immediately in what was happening with the narrative. The God of War series has always been rooted in mythology and the latest instalment is no different. What is different though; is this one is based in Norse mythology as opposed to Greek mythology. Don’t be mistaken though, you will still encounter numerous un-dead and vicious foot soldiers, and there are still plenty of larger, very powerful and truly captivating monsters to battle.

This still feels like a God of War game, just grown up a whole lot, like an adult. There are still many aspects that make this a traditional GoW game – like the mythology, the combat, fighting a variety of monsters and players are adventuring with the same legendary protagonist in Kratos. However there are enough aspects that have changed – for the better – that make this game truly outstanding.

If you’re looking for a high quality video game that will take you on an intriguing journey while enjoying spectacles. God of War PS4 is a must pick-up game.